About Us

Image: LSFC About usThe club is currently open experienced fencers aged 16 and over.

The Lymington club was originally founded by coach Chris Holroyd and working in and around local education, Lymington Walhampton Fencing Club convened at Brockenhurst College and Hordle Walhampton School.

With Chris’ passing, the club moved to Priestlands School and expanded to other schools in the New Forest and Southampton: St. Annes, Mayfield, Chamberlayne, Redbridge, and continuing at Hordle Walhampton and Ballard.

Sway Fencing club was the passion of Chris’ pupil and fellow coach Roy Stocks, who set up in the New Forest and coached several junior fencers to National ranking success.

Overall we have fun, enjoy our sport and develop our minds and our bodies.

Follow the link for our fencing programme.

Lymington & Sway Fencing is a three weapon club:

  • Foil – experience the drama of style and form with a weapon that forgives and allows the athlete to master the techniques of modern fencing.
  • Épée – from the duelling rapier comes the weapon for the master tactician.
  • Sabre – the weapon of choice for people with the buccaneering spirit, the true ‘cut and thrust’ weapon.