Southern Region Hub Development Day Sunday 23 March

classic fencing lungeSt Gabriel’s School, Newbury 10am till 4pm

Your hub offers…

More knowledge
… better understanding
… better sport

Broad experience
… new friendships
… better competitors
… better fencers

Want to know about Armoury?
Dave Lichfield is your man come and help yourself to look after your equipment

Volunteer please
Is your club welcoming?

We hope so.

Every club should have a person or two who make you feel wanted. We are calling them Welfare Officers till we come up with a better name.

Come to our workshop about this role. You will need to have done a safeguarding course please

We want you to come and develop your skills, to experience different concepts that can help you work to reach your potential.

Following on the same themes from last month we have Ian Lichfield leading Foil, Alain Barbasiewicz Epee and Peter Wright Sabre

Are you interested in helping to run a team, in the UK or on a trip?
The new TM workshop (a must for existing TMs too) will be unveiled at our hub.
You require a current DBS and attended at least SPC1 training

The cost for the day is £20 for fencers ~ free for all club and/or welfare representatives

Please remember to bring lunch along and, if a fencer, plenty to drink (tea & coffee will be available)

Booking form (for all sessions including free ones) can be found at:

queries to: [email protected]