Lymington and Sway success at Lashmars Invitation Cup

Lashmars Cup Presentation 2014Lymington & Sway Fencing Club success at Lashmars Invitation Cup

On Sunday 27 April, Lymington and Sway Fencing Club (LSFC) hosted a the Lashmars Invitation Cup at Walhampton School, to launch their newly-merged fencing club.

Participants were invited from West Wight Fencing Club (WWFC) and from Espada to come and take part in the event, whose focus was on beginners and new fencers who had rarely competed, if at all.

There were 5 categories: under 13 mixed foil; under 14 mixed sabre; under 15 epee; under 16 mixed foil and under 18 sabre. With over 30 competitors taking part, it was a very busy day with some excellent fencing from some very new fencers. Congratulations to all competitors, in particular the winners in each category:

U13 Mixed Foil:

  • Matthew Martin (Espada)
  • Josh Biggs (Espada)
  • William Harris (Espada) and Henry Sommerfield (WWFC)

U14 Mixed Sabre:

  1. Paul Beaugendre (LSFC)
  2. Gabriel Cowell (LSFC)
  3. Lewis Barnes, Espada and Harry Eaves  (LSFC)

U16 Mixed Foil:

  1. Kieran Fradgeley (WWFC)
  2. George Collins (WWFC)
  3. Tom Bryden (Espada) and Jude Manlow (Espada)

U15 Epee:

  1. William Prendergast (LSFC)
  2. Sam Kessel (LSFC)
  3. Arnie Seal (LSFC) and Matthew Martyn (Espada)

U18 Sabre:

  1. Hayden Eatwell (LSFC and Espada)
  2. Sam Kessel (LSFC)
  3. Harry Doll (LSFC) and Jack Smalley (LSFC)

Two cups were awarded to the members of LSFC for their contribution to and achievements in fencing. The Senior Cup was awarded to Sam Kessel who won silver in both Sabre and Epee at the competition and had overall the best marks for the day’s fencing and the Junior Cup was award to Gabriel Cowell for the most improved young fencer in the club this year. Both cups were presented by club sponsor Peter Lashmar of Lashmars Tax Accountants. The club is also supported by The Musketeer Pub in Pennington with a generous donation of kit in the form of baselayers worn under the protective suits.

LSFC meets every Tuesday at Priestlands school gym between 6.30-8pm, everyone welcome. For more information contact [email protected]